Shammi Rana is appointed as Rapporteur of Unesco Traditional Sports and Games

Shammi Rana is appointed as Rapporteur of UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games to promote UNESCO’s Mandate on Traditional Sports and Games.Mr Rana also a Secretary General of Asian Belt Wrestling Federation and being Promoter Mr Rana is promoting Belt Wrestling as martial arts and Traditional Sports and Games.
A quintessential example of someone who has made his passion his profession,Mr. Rana is acclaimed globally as a Public Relations Expert & Promoter of Martial Arts Organizations. As a veteran advocator of sports activities with over two decades of experience on top of his background as athlete and coach, Mr. Rana works with state-level dignitaries across the continent of Asia to provide martial arts organizations with visibility and international recognition. Included in this work is his role as General Secretary of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation, the Official Governing Body of Sports Belt Wrestling in Asia, where he successfully formed the Amateur Belt Wrestling Federation of India, Belt Wrestling Federation of Nepal, Belt Wrestling Federation of South Korea, Belt Wrestling Federation of Bangladesh,
and Belt Wrestling Federation of Sri Lanka. Due to his promotional activities, Belt Wrestling gained inclusion in World Martial Arts Mastership Championship and in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) traditional sports and games events and will be competing in upcoming games in Brazil and Russia. In 2017, Mr. Rana was
appointed by UNESCO as Rapporteur/Secretary General of the UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to promote the organization’s goal of fostering international cooperation through sports. In this capacity, he promoted the mission of UNESCO, attending international sporting events around the world and working with dignitaries such as Kanat Bozumbaev, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and President of International Kazakh Kures, to begin the work of recognizing Kuresi (a form of Kazakstani wrestling) as a UNESCO TSG.
Mr Rana also appointed as member of Interim Coordination Committee of TSG in PAN America to promote Traditional Sports and Games in PAN America